Elite Tutoring and College Admissions Consulting Services

Victress, A Wellness Center for Women is proud to announce a partnership with Dr. Kerry McElroy. Kerry is an elite-level international tutor and university admissions consultant with her company Anglia Education and Language Consulting. Anglia works with students in fifteen countries, has logged tens of thousands of private tutoring hours, and has created admissions success stories with the Ivy League and beyond.


Dr. McElroy is also a Chicago-area native with deep family and alumni roots in the city’s schools (Mother McAuley High School; Loyola University Chicago, BA). While living and working internationally online, she is always happy to return home to spend time in the community– and as such, is now particularly interested in offering discounted packages to students from her hometown and Chicago-area private and public schools.

Dr. McElroy’s philosophy of working with students in both tutoring and university admissions consulting incorporates creative practices, life experiences, and personal connection, as well as humor and fun. Her successful relationships with students focus not only on academics or planning, but on elements of academic counseling and life coaching as well. Dr. McElroy is proud to serve as a mentor, friend, and sounding board to her students, many of whom she has maintained as clients from childhood to university level.

As a feminist academic and cultural historian, as well as a working writer and journalist, Dr. McElroy’s own work has frequently focused on women’s issues in society, trauma, and misogyny. Thus, she works especially well and with care with young girls and women navigating complex periods of their lives. She also has particular life and academic expertise working with gifted, highly sensitive, and creative students of all ages and genders.

Dr. McElroy believes firmly that both private tutoring and university admissions consulting should not be accessible only to students from high-income families, and thus looks forward to applying special rates for students from Chicago-area schools, and those referred through Chicago-area counseling centers.

Please reach out today with a “Chicago” or “Victress” referral to talk about sliding scale opportunities for tutoring, university admissions consulting, or both. Sessions are available as needed or in package form. Please call 708-428-2527 or e-mail [email protected].

I look forward to talking with you and your child about their needs! -Kerry

Student Testimonial

“The war in Ukraine turned my life upside-down. However, my educational aspirations remained unwavering. I sought opportunities to foster my English and apply to international universities. Thanks to Kerry McElroy, my dream came true. Since the day we got acquainted, I began not only practicing my speaking English, but also preparing for the application process to American Universities. It was not my first experience: the previous year, I received 11 rejections from universities and decided to take a gap year. Kerry’s support was crucial for me: I analyzed the mistakes I made, built my personal brand from scratch, structured my list of universities, prepared for exams, and created outstanding essays. Together, we meticulously restructured every word to unfold my story and make my profile unique. Thanks to Kerry, I am now proud to share that I was admitted to Yale College with a full scholarship. I cannot find the proper words to express all my gratitude to Kerry. I am so grateful for her dedicated help in every state: from recovering my hope to getting into one of the best colleges in the world.”-Mariia H.