ACHIEVE 2022 -This year, set GOALS not resolutions!

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About this event

Ditch the resolutions this year! Learn valuable new information and knowledge on how to craft, execute and successfully fulfill goals!

Do you find yourself at the same place every single year? You’ve made a resolution, focusing on just ONE of the many things that you would like to accomplish, and then by February you’re left frustrated, disappointed, and maybe feeling a bit like a failure? Let’s put an end to this counterproductive cycle and tap into your personal power!

Join Victress, A Wellness Center for Women, along with Kelli Kellen of Kellen Consulting Group, for a one-day, goal-setting workshop for women entitled, ‘Achieve 2022: This Year Set Goals, Not Resolutions’. This transformative event will take place on Saturday, January 15, 2022 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Palos Heights Recreation Center at 6601 W. 127th Street.

Participants will learn valuable new information and knowledge on how to craft, execute and successfully fulfill goals pertaining to career, family and other areas of life, based on the actual science of goal setting.

Outcomes of this interactive workshop include:

o Understanding why resolutions don’t work and what you can do about it

o Appreciating the difference between resolutions and goals

o Determining what areas of your life would benefit from new goal setting

o Developing SMART(ER) goals

o Creating associated action plans for each of your goals

o Learning to be accountable for your action plans

o Identifying how to integrate action plans into your day to stay on track

o Recognizing the options for support available

o Enjoying community with like-minded attendees

o Having fun and winning exciting prizes to support your goals for the year

About Victress, A Wellness Center for Women

Victress, A Wellness Center for Women is dedicated to the health and emotional well-being of all females. Using a multidisciplinary and clinical counseling approach a Victress woman or girl develops the mental clarity and self-confidence needed to succeed in all stages of life. Our vision is to empower every woman and girl that enters our doors, providing them with the tools and skills necessary for accomplishing their own unique set of goals.

About Kelli Kellen

Kelli Kellen is a certified Leadership, Executive, and Business Coach and Consultant focused on helping businesses, teams, and individuals improve their performance through process evaluation, time management, and productivity training.


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$199.99 through January 15

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